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Sep 20, 2010

1st flash contest on stardoll

If you read this, means that u want to know how u can winn a 5sd superstar gift participating to this cool contest.
All u have to do is to follow those steps (and in the future, if u like this kind of contest i'll do more like this, and step-by-step i'll increase the prizes).

1. Go to this site (click on this link) - 
and choose one of Rihanna's style from all photos u see there (there are lot of pages with her photos) - Remember the number of page where is your choosed photo (u'll need the page number later).

2. Keep that site open, so u can inspir u from her look

3. Go to your stardoll account, on beauthy parlor, on edit, and choose a hair type that looks like Rihanna's on that photo u choosed. Save your doll with that haircut.

4. Go to starplaza shop and choose some clothes that looks like hers on that photo (from all shops from starplaza), also choose accesories, make-up, hair colour and highlighters. Change yourself in Rihanna in the dressing-room (like u intended to buy all that stuffs - but DON'T BUY THEM!).

5. After you're ready dressed up in the shop's dressing room, press the Print Screen SysRq key from your keyboard. Than hold down the Ctrl key, and in the same time press the C key, and raise your fingers from the 2 keys simultaneously.

6. Open a new Paint document

7. Left click on it, than press Ctrl key, and keep it pressed, and also press the V key from the keyboard.

8. You'll see there a photo of your screen with u on stardoll's shop/dressing room. Clik on the picture and move it to the left or right to see like this picture

so u cannot see there your account details from the right bottom of the sreen.

9. After your photo is arranged, on the left bottom of the Paint page u hav Save as JPEG picture/click on it/at the File nme wrute Rihanna's style contest and choose a place on your computer where u want to save it.

11. On the first line write my e-mail address:  On the second line write your stardoll nickname, DON'T WRITE YOUR E-MAIL. On the 3'rd line click Browse and go to the folder from your computer where u saved your photo and click on it.

12. On the 4th line write me just the page number with the Rihanna's photo that inspired u (from the web site with her photos, the page that i told u to remember)

13. The last step is to enter the numbers shown there and to click Upload, and THAT'S IT!

Please be carefull and write correctly my e-mail!!!!
I'll post on this blog all your photos, so u can see u're competitor's work, than i'll choose the best looks-like Rihanna picture.
Time limit: 23 september
Prize: 5sd superstar gift.
I'll wait your photos, and i wish u all good luck!

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